Monday, February 6, 2012

Spring Decor Updates

I've had the chance to go on a couple of shopping trips and have picked up some cute things for my home.  Here are some of my favorites.

I had the blue woven table runner, and I always pick up neat candlestick holders at sales. I have a set of brass, a set of bright silver, and a set of darker silver colored candlesticks. I bought cream candles of assorted sizes, and added in these cute little silver pots with fake plants that I just picked up at Ikea.  I love this little bit of spring in my dining room.

Another piece of greenery in my dining room is this cute little topiary. Best of all, it was 40% off at a local shop that was going out of business.

Yikes - looking at this photo, I realize we really need to paint that door to match our decor.

I found this cute little table runner at Kohls - in case you haven't noticed, I am in love with owls. I also took a bowl I had in the kitchen cupboard, put a cream candle in it, and added two big bags of conversation hearts around the outside.  Last but not least, I have a little turquoise Buddah for good luck. I found him at Target for $10.  I love this little bit of Valentine's Day decor in my kitchen.

Close up of the centerpiece.

I found this cute spoon at Pier One for about $30.  It's an actual chalkboard - so you can write on it if you'd like.  The colors - gold with touches of blue - go perfectly with my home decor.

This is a little peacock picture painted on slats of wood. I found him at a local greenhouse. I used a command hook and hung him on the tile backsplash over my stove. Love it.

This little fella was a Christmas gift from my hubby. It's from Anthropologie and ridiculously expensive. I would never have bought it on my own - but I so dearly love it.  With 2 boys and a hubby, the cookie jar is unfortunately empty almost all of the time.

I'm seeing these lanterns in all of the stores. I found this one at Ikea, for only $15.  It sits on top of a bookshelf.

I found this cute owl garden stool at Home Goods - one of my favorite stores.  He was $30. Since it's winter, he's going to live by my fireplace (fireplace tile soon to be replaced) until it's warm enough for him to go outside.

I hope you enjoy seeing my 'treaures.' 

Stay tuned, we are almost finished with the boys' bedrooms. Photos coming soon.

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